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Project to improve conditions of Higher Institutes of Technology


The aim of this project is to provide legal, financial, public administrative and comprehensive advice to a public-private partnership for the design, construction, equipping, maintenance and operation of a project aimed at improving the conditions of a Center of Higher Education in Technology in order to connect supply with workforce demand in technical fields, and to close the existing gap in infrastructure and equipment.


The project involves the construction, equipping, maintenance and operation of a Center of Education in Technology. The José Pardo center in Lima was chosen according to the following criteria:

  • Region with highest Regional Competitiveness index score.
  • Largest number of students and flagship status.
  • Has sound land.

The José Pardo Higher Institute of Technology is currently in a poor state in terms of its infrastructure, insufficient equipment and inadequate teaching processes. It covers 32,000m2 and has 1,000 students. The business providing the service will obtain a public concession contract within the public-private partnership regime, with sovereign guarantee. Estimated State co-financing for the project amounts to 100%, with the business to provide services based on pre-defined quality standards without demand risk. The contract will contain a financial sustainability clause, based on a guaranteed State contribution. The financial model is price per capita.


To comply with the guidelines of the strategic plan of the Ministry of Education, which has identified the modernization of this center as a priority to close the higher education gap.


Lima, Peru.
Beneficiary population
Students of the José Pardo Higher Education Institute.
Estimated investment
Approximately US$12m of investment.
Public-private partnership mechanism. 100% co-financed.
Current situation
Seeking partner.
Investor benefits
Investor recoups 100% of the investment sum through State co-financing mechanisms. Guaranteed minimum assuring sustainability and financial viability of the project.
Project supervision
The technical components are defined by the corresponding OPIP (Private Investment Promotion Authority).

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