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Project for the creation of an emergency center for the Peruvian 112 emergency service.


The aim of this project is to provide legal, financial, public administrative and comprehensive advice to a public-private partnership for the design, construction, equipping, maintenance, and operation of a center for Peru’s 112 emergency service, in order to provide Lima with a 24-hour emergency service, so as to respond to the needs of individual citizens or groups in at-risk situations within the shortest time possible.


In recent years, Peru has experienced particularly strong growth in the health sector, with the construction of new hospital centers and other administrative improvements. However, it does not have a 112 emergency service. This project involves the construction, equipping, maintenance and operation of such a center for a Peruvian 112 emergency service. Estimated State co-financing for the project amounts to 100%, with the business to provide services based on pre-defined quality standards without demand risk.


The motivation for this project is performance of the strategic plan of the Health Ministry and the Peruvian Health Social Security system. DETAILS

During the first phase, Lima. There is a possibility of expansion to benefit the entire population of Peru.
Población beneficiada
En un principio la población de Lima. Con la posible expansión podrá beneficiarse toda la población del Perú.
Estimated investment
To be defined in accordance with legal regulations.
Public-private partnership mechanism. 100% co-financed.
Current situation
Seeking partner.
Investor benefits
Investor recoups 100% of the investment sum through State co-financing mechanisms. Guaranteed minimum assuring sustainability and financial viability of the project.
Project supervision
The technical components are defined by the corresponding OPIP (Private Investment Promotion Authority).

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