Partnership Policy

  • Alerta Inversiones, has a policy of stability and long-term partner relationships, which allows the firm to optimize its working processes and project development by sharing the knowhow that results from collaborative work experiences.
  • Alerta Inversiones maintains preferential contractual relations with our clients, with whom we carry out the majority of our projects. Alerta Inversiones is aware of and guarantees the experience of our partners prior to collaborations by completing analysis, evaluation, checking and certification processes.
  • Alerta Inversiones works with a small number of partners, each of which is a leader in its sector. This policy means we have wide-ranging control over projects and can select the best option for project implementation. The selection process for becoming a partner of Alerta Inversiones utilizes strict criteria, based on financial information, experience, potential pre-existing conflicts, etc., in order to eliminate unsuitable or undesirable partners on the basis of their track record.