Who we are

A legal services firm specializing in infrastructure and public services.

We are a Hispano-Peruvian legal services firm. Our focus is offering legal advice to European businesses on Peruvian infrastructure and public services. We are highly specialized, with a broad range of experience in Peruvian concession law. We are currently leading the most important public-private initiatives with the Peruvian government.

Our firm has its own specialist department for global consulting on concessionary projects. This allows us to offer a comprehensive service to our clients; we do not provide theories regarding the law, but rather concentrate on its practical application in specific projects. We operate through a network of our own offices and affiliates, with project management only within and for Peru at the center of our activities.

We supply a wide range of legal services related to Peruvian infrastructure and public services for a large number of European and Latin American entities, both public and private, covering:

  • Comprehensive representation in Peru
  • All aspects involved in the management of a project, including identification of opportunities, finding partners, development of consortiums, document development and advice, pre-investment studies and, in short, the management of the project until its completion.

Alterta Inversiones is an honorary member of the Latin American digital daily Infolatam (www.infolatam.com), the leading daily for large European companies with interests in Latin America.

Altera Inversiones engages in a maximum of 25 projects annually, which are selected according to the highest standards and hence achieve the best results.

Since 2012, our association with another large Peruvian legal services firm, Grellaud & Luque, has broadened our portfolio of services, allowing us to offer comprehensive advice to businesses on implementation, taxation, arbitration, dispute resolution, data protection law, commerce and public contracts.

Alterta Inversiones is leading the major strategic projects of Perú SAMUR, 112, a stem-cell bank, the Ate Vitarte public hospital, outsourcing of the hemodialysis service, radiodiagnosis, etc.