Regulated sectors and public services

Experts in high-complexity sectors

Our firm advises private operators in the post-adjudication phase. We advise on the signing of the concession agreement and represent our clients in their relations with the relevant Peruvian State entities, defending clients’ legitimate interests.

We place particular focus on compliance with financial obligations (approval of payment settlements for RPS, RPM, RPO services) and investment commitments (RPI, RPI/E) that the State acquires with the concession of a project.

Our advice covers the defense of the interests of concessionaries, in both governmental entities as well as regulated sectors (OSINERGMIN, OSITRAN, OSIPTEL, SUNASS, etc.), which require exhaustive analysis of regulations, penalties, regulated tariffs, strict compliance and, in short, of the performance and enforcement of the agreement with the legal guarantees provided by the State under Peruvian law, avoiding the abuse and malpractice that may derive from the misinterpretation of public-private agreements.

We advise on the interpretation of contracts, assisting with the amendment of contractual targets, which permits a restructuring of those targets in order to re-establish the financial and economic sustainability of projects through the use of legal mechanisms established under Peruvian case-law.

Our firm advises in regulated sectors such as transport, electricity, sanitation (water) and gas.