Peruvian commercial law

Comprehensive business advice

To engage in business activity in Peru, it is essential to maintain a high level of knowledge regarding Peruvian commercial law. In this regard, our firm advises on the best way to establish a legal presence in Peru. This may be through the creation of companies, subsidiaries or branches, or it may be in the area of mergers and acquisitions of companies within Peru. We advise on conveying technical capacity for public tenders, obtaining RNP (National Register of Suppliers) status, and securing financing in Peru through corporate finance strategies, transfer of public deeds, obtaining liquidity to comply with public contractual commitments, etc.

We advise on business structure, including supervision of distribution agreements, representation, collaboration, MOUs in consortiums, tax efficiency, tax regimes, free-trade agreements, customs duties, tax planning, etc.

We act as advisors, obtaining commercial reports on businesses, seeking partners, implementing joint ventures, temporary joint ventures, consortiums, etc.