About us

Our team is made up of leading lawyers and multidisciplinary consultants who have a broad range of experience across different sectors. We have a highly practical and result-oriented approach that focuses on the practical application of the law to the project at hand. Our firm does not prioritize the communication of a theoretical interpretation of the law, but rather applies it to specific projects and uses it to create a trustworthy, secure and efficient environment for their practical implementation. Our successful combination of legal, financial and operational knowledge means we can offer clients a 360-degree service, whereby our activity is focused on legislative knowledge plus analysis of current target-sector conditions and public and strategic viability. Our firm does not compete with other firms to advise on what is given to us by the client. Rather, we proactively present and prepare the pre-investment phase of any concessionary project in Peru.


Félix Fernández

Partner and CEO of Alerta Inversiones

Ignacio Fernández Arrojo

Partner, Concessions Department

Julio Arrieta

Partner, Services Department

Juan Luis Arman Carames


Área de derecho laboral y del trabajo

Guillermo D. Grellaud


Área de Derecho Fiscal

Javier Luque Bustamante


Área de Derecho Fiscal

Juan Raso Peño


Área de Políticas públicas

Ignacio María González Martínez


Área de auditoría y financiación

Alfonso Milán Fitera

Partner, Legal Department